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Bamboo and rattan lamps are bulky because of the large package size. If you need such products, you can provide pictures to us for quotation.
We can do product customization.
Bamboo Lighting
The furniture and décor in your home reflects your personality. Whatever be the factors that appeal to you - functionality, outlay, aesthetics, or practicality, make sure to spend good time combing through the product catalogue and bring home the pieces that add an aura of warmth and comfort to your cherished home.
The lighting in your house is just as important a factor as your furniture or decor. A well-lit room can add character, life, and positivity to your living. Modish specializes in lighting and we’ve tried to take lighting to a new level by adding a dash of eco-friendliness. We have a wide range of lighting options that are made of environment friendly materials and design. The base material can be bamboo, wicker or rattan. We have a wide product selection – you can choose from our assortments of bamboo lighting fixtures, pendant lights, bamboo hanging lights and lamps, wicker lighting pendants, wicker lighting, wicker lighting fixtures, bamboo lamp, bamboo pendant light, bamboo light, bamboo ceiling light, bamboo pendant lamp, basket weave bamboo pendant lamp, bamboo ceiling lamps, bamboo wall lights, bamboo woven pendant light etc.





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