Recommended lighting for children's room-

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Lighting is closely related to life,
The children's room is a space for children to grow,
Lighting design is especially important.
How to create children's room lighting.
This article recommends children's room lighting for reference.


Children's rest area

The peak of human growth hormone secretion is mainly concentrated at night, so the healthy growth of children is inseparable from adequate sleep. When children go to sleep, low-color temperature lights are needed to maintain melatonin secretion. Generally, the illumination in the rest area of the children's room is between 50-100lux, and the color temperature of the light is 2700-3000K.

Decorative light recommendation

The world of children is full of imagination of the unknown. Colorful decorative lamps not only make the space full of childlike interest, but also stimulate children's unlimited imagination.

Recommended night light


study area

Learning requires a high degree of mental input, especially focusing on healthy lighting and scientific use of eyes. The illuminance of the desk should be >300lux, and the color rendering index (Ra) of the light should be >90.


Caring for children's health
Start with lights
Promise a bright future for children.

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