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High quality lighting fixtures for home and office!

Are you looking for high quality lamps, lights and lighting fixtures from manufacturers around the world? Well, hepartshome is the place for you! we source various lighting fixtures, like chandeliers, pendant light and oversize lights,especial lamps can also be custom-made to suit your own requirements.
All products are from our experienced designer and maker,we guarantee the quality and the supply of goods! 

Hepartshome is committed to serving you in the best way possible. our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team has easy access to all our products and will be happy to answer your questions regarding ordering, returns, shipping or any other information from our website.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback and hope you will find your favorite light fixture and to order them from us ,we would enjoy the opportunity you give us to provide a beautiful lamp for your home.

Email: hepmilo@gmail.com

If you detect possible infringement of your design registration by a competing product,please contact us immediately.