Our Guarantee

Sourcing Your Art-Light

While you're sitting in the comfort of your own office or home to browsing on our huge range of lamps, we're already busy selecting the best products at the best prices, all with you, the customer, in mind. we work with the best and most trusted manufacturers throughout China, selected for quality of their products, reputation, reliability, and whether they share our passion for serving customers like you.

After a rigorous inspection and vetting process of the products we know shoppers are interested in, we make them available to you at unbeatable prices, since we source them straight from the manufacturer. we are also plugged into the market news wires for hot new lines, the latest designs, and the best quality lights.

Processing Your Order

Upon clicking "Complete Order," we spring into action and immediately begin processing your order. .

Testing Your Lamps

Even though our suppliers are all trusted manufacturers of quality items, we don’t take any chances with your specific order. All products go through an exhaustive Q.C. procedure:

Packing Your Products

Our packaging and delivery team runs like clockwork, even if we do say so ourselves. Items are always carefully inspected for any manufacturing and design defects before they're shipped off to ensure that the item you fell in love with online is the item you receive from our courier. Our team members check order slips with the original online purchase confirmation, and then review the product pulled from the shelf to make sure it checks out with the product listed.

Tracking Your Order

Once your product leaves our doors, we are still here to help. we are always working behind the scenes to address your every need and query. We track your shipments and are available at your convenience to answer any questions, whether by live chat or through My Orders tickets. No matter the issue, we're always here to serve you.