Bohemian Lights

Boho is unconventional and free-spirited, and the style and decor reflect that, bringing a mixture of patterns, textures, woods, colors.

When it comes to conquering bohemian style, it can be quite daunting task. Free-spirited, 70s inspired and romantic are all words to describe bohemian fashion. But how can you bring those things into your home? While we all may not want to look like we just got back from a music festival, there is nothing wrong with adding a touch of whimsy to your arthome. 

Bohemian style provides an opportunity to experiment with vibrant colors and quirky accessories, but it can also take on a more subdued, sophisticated air. You can incorporate boho decor into your space in smaller ways through your choice of patterns and textures. In this bedroom, fringed pillows and Damask-inspired wallpaper introduce boho flair. Still, the black-and-white color scheme keeps it polished.