Tiffany Lights


Every lamp is prepared by using the copper foil method. First a pattern for the lamp is drawn out on a heavy piece of cardboard. Next a number and glass color is written on the pattern piece. After the pattern is drawn and labeled, the glass is laid over it and traced. Once the pattern is traced onto the glass, the pieces can be cut and ground to their correct shape. Next the pieces need to be cleaned so the copper foil can be applied to the edges. The copper foil solution allows the pieces to adhere together. After the lamp has been placed accordingly and it is fully bonded, the edges need to be soldered together for a firm hold. Finally, after the lamp has been soldered, it is cleaned to bring out its beauty.

Tiffany Ceiling Lights are portable, colorful and will upgrade your workspace. Tiffany-style-Desk-lamps are known for intense colors which demand attention.

Tiffany Lamps are beautiful handcrafted lamps that will certainly add elegancy and creativity to your home.

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