Lamps design trends-at Milan Design Week 2022

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Trends from the largest global design event, celebrating its 60th year.

It’s not a stretch to call Milan Design Week the design world’s largest annual global event. held this year from June 7 through 12 at the Rho fairgrounds, where design lovers, curators and the industry’s key players convened to discover and unveil the latest product and furniture releases from around the world.

What are the new trends in the design of lamps and lanterns at the 2022 Milan Exhibition? hepartshome will take you directly to the 2022 milan design week
Find new trends in lighting design.


Keyword 1:‘Slow design’

“I feel that every time there’s a big change in culture and technology, crafts and local means of production re-emerge in a very important way,” Ms. Antonelli said, “a kind of slow design that is similar to the notion of slow food. We still have the means of production that are industrial, of course, but now we have, in a way, come to re-evaluate and appreciate modes of making that are not necessarily industrial.”

One thing that hadn’t changed was the melding of the fashion and furniture worlds, which have become increasingly close bedfellows in the past decade, with luxury brands like Dior, Hermès and Louis Vuitton heavily investing in their presence. Loewe’s presentation, “Weave, Restore, Renew,” shined a light on regenerative craft practices from Spain, Galicia and Korea that highlight the beauty of age and repair; each has informed a collection of four new woven bag designs made from straw, leather and corded paper.

Keyword 2: ‘Eye Candy’

From the art installations of luxury brands such as HERMES and LEXUS, to the exhibits of major furniture brands, it is not difficult to find that the 2022 Milan Design Week is not limited to black and white, and the global color trends are more diverse. In the design of lamps, many brands choose to use jumping colors to express the changeable design, so as to better heal the mood and heal the life.

Keyword 3: ‘Arc design’

The design lines tend to be more arced, weaken the edges and corners, and heal life more. MVRDV and Belgian lighting brand Delta Light jointly released the "High Profile" series of lamps, which use aluminum concave to create curved lines, and Moooi's innovative fan-shaped design. Kartell's classic FLY lamps are all round. The concrete embodiment of the arc line. This kind of soft design is widely used in the design of lamps and lanterns, and the rounded feeling is playful to increase the childlike interest in life.

Keyword 4: ‘Movable multi-scene lighting’

At Milan Design Week 2022, Kartell, together with talented Italian architect and designer Ferruccio Laviani, came out of the circle again with the rechargeable lamp MINI GEEN-A. The designer created the MINI GEEN-A series, hoping that the lamp can be placed on the table, writing desk, nightstand or anywhere, it can accompany you to draw on the table, have dinner or a drink with friends on the terrace, or on the nightstand Read the latest books. More than just a functional object, it follows you around like a friend, but never gets in your way.

This rechargeable mobile multi-scene lighting fixture has become a design hotspot in the lighting circle in 2022. Major brands have launched mobile lighting fixtures. These products are not only suitable for home space, but also for outdoor camping.


Keyword 5: ‘sustainable design

 This year, Flos held a nearly 1,000-square-meter exhibition with the theme of "See the Stars Again", presenting the results of Flos' research and innovation in the field of lighting, and reaffirming its long-term vision for sustainable development. Among them, Almendra, a new work by designer Patricia Urquiola, was unveiled.

It is worth mentioning that the Almendra series uses a bioplastic material extracted from pine oil to minimize the impact on the environment. Sustainable design is not only the focus of this year's Milan exhibition, but also the common goal of contemporary designers.

Of course, the concept of sustainable development not only reflects the continuous exploration of degradable materials, but also the integration of green plants and lamps to create a natural feeling of the space. At present, many star alliance brands have integrated this green concept into the design of lamps and lanterns, making sustainability a design norm.



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