Light Bulbs

Light bulbs
Light bulbs are much more energy-efficient and long-lasting that they used to be, and you have many options when selecting the right ones for your home.
hepartshome only offer the special bulbs,such as:
a:Incandescent Edison bulb,These are the original type of light bulbs, and they have a filament inside that heats up, glows and produces light.
b: Light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs,These are highly energy-efficient light bulbs that work with an electrical current that flows through semiconductors, which light up the bulb's diodes. The bulb itself remains cool to the touch from a heat sink that absorbs excess heat. They can create extra-bright light that lasts for 10,000 hours or longer.
c:Smart light bulbs In most cases, these are led bulbs that you can control remotely through Wi-Fi, such as with a smartphone application. These make it so you can adjust the lighting inside or outside your home even when you're not there.